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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  August 31, 2010 4:30pm-6:00pm PST

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>> they're still holding on to the plain here well the sfa in the states. i want to show you the plain and the engine have was affected. it was a no. 4 engine and on the right-hand side of you concede that they have done some work to catch up aholt. they do not what caused the engine to malfunction. let us show you the damage. >> look at this video piquancy a huge hole in toward a round the engine. it was a rift by debris. it took off from sfo monday night at 11:30 p.m. and it was caring 212 passengers. a crew of 18. about 15 minutes into the flight deck crew noticed of vibration and the no. 4 engine. some passengers took a video of what looked like flames and start shooting out of the engine. you could hear it the pilots are reassuring passengers
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that could be ok. a spokesperson says there was no fire in the engine and when the plane landed nobody was hurt. they were really quite safe. >> a plane can fly to engines, let alone three. we see them blow all of the time. >> passengers are saying that they were very lucky that the crew was very good at handling all of us and they actually gave them our round of applause from the passengers when the plane landed. did land safely. but as will some video and see what passengers had to say. >> we're just taking off arachne are for half an hour and there's a loud pop and on the right side of the plain door sparks coming out of the engine and it was really shaky. >> it is right next to the
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engine and it brings into the milo's action going on. a person thought it is something normal and i've never been of play before. i didn't notice all the hostess is running around your neck out as normal. >> the cabin crew was very com and they give us information, updated information regularly and i turned around and everybody was really relaxed and eddies. >> the passengers were put up in hotels and we booked. the other flight goes at 11:00 p.m. tonight. it could be some time before we know the cost will of this. i'm christine colleague for kron4 news. >> there's some tough times ahead for people are right at ac transit and the east bay because there were to take a hard look when the union
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tomorrow is looking at cutting weekend service in half and late-night service across the board. poolsides blame each other for the difficult choices ahead. >> your note you don't need to threaten the public by taking away more services. it is vandalism. >> the problem will be solved, we told you in a way back that which is needed to negotiate that we need more money. >> the cuts will take effect in december. >> lawmakers on both side of the aisle are trying to get a state budget passed and right now democrats and republicans have put up plans for a boat. if neither of them gathered enough votes to pass. today government short all arts and their gear arnold schwarzenegger says he
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will not says will not sign off until the philippines aura >> we are a 15 billion and when the 20 billion in the next 10 years. that is crowding out the program and for the first time ever is going to beat your money on pensions. it is one to be for hire >> government also said he wants a reform to the budget system that will include a rainy day fund for the better weather in tough economic times parents are protesting closure's. reggie? >> in san jose where several
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parents and teachers let the teachers know they do not want these buildings we close. their only temporary closures but it will still looking at reopening the am and parents commit the same services at their children's elementary schools. in oakland for kron4 news. >> temperature is much warmer this afternoon and is looking at those what it's still only 59 and a half moon bay was very clear out now and will foot most of this what saved us from the north bay. a look at our weather headlines is only a sliver of what is action left.
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it's 15 degrees and the were not be surprised we have more of this coming up in a bit. >> in berkeley the animal was spotted earlier this morning officials chased the animal and finally caught it on bullet straight at this location shown here where officers took two shots and the animal then it jumped to towards the officers. >> coyotes are on the rise in even see the location on our map that they are near sarasota and it looks like the animals are expanding their territory. taking a look at the traffic it is crawling still in the lower part of your screen. it is moving slowly at this hour.
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just then we got news from birth that there is a 15 minute delay on lafayette in the sfo direction. it is some sort of equipment problem on the track. again, a 15 minute delay on the track. we'll keep you posted. >> time now for tech talk with capes late. the >> are buzzing with what happens at the press event in san francisco. apple is notorious for keeping secrets and we do not know for sure what will happen but there are still some are speculating from what i went on.
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>> sent an e-mail and was in the scene was this picture. at the apple logo so obviously it is linked in some way to i toons or i pot. so you think that means the beatles' music will finally be available. i don't know about that. you can update your i tunes library and transfer it from any computer in the world. it is widely expected that there'll be an epo touch with a camera on. there is also an and i applaud that a real touch screen and there is some news about to touch tb that connects your mac computer tutoring to be seeking watch everything on your tv. it is impossible to unbuilt and knew what to beat serviced possibly called itt. just today and wednesday at 5:00 p.m. and i'll show you what apple shows off. >> warmer out there today but
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hot for the next couple of days. riding triple digits. there is more coming up in about seven minutes creek new details to name the
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place also the shot so well trying to arrest a man is improving. he is now in serious but stable condition after undergoing surgery again this morning. he is heavily sedated at this hour and could still need more surgery later on in the week. they contacted us today saying he thinks everybody for the support. in the meantime a man suspected of shooting him, this is video of his arrest in san diego and today the county's district attorney filed charges never been charged with murder of a police officer carjacking and along with firearms. he is expected to be arraigned next
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tuesday and then permit is telling us that his family is now >> of your comment a limit to identify and resolve as a suspect's sister say " netted you know the whole story appeared my brother is not a scumbag. snipers go to what sit down and his family as well and i do perforce be recovery for the officer " now we corrected by some of the other is a lovely young man and of the media is portraying him to be a horrible person he is not. i also spoke in person to the persons uncle and he says i'm sorry what officer young and his family going through, we are pressing for his recovery, this is a tragic thing. brought as shocked as everyone else then print for kron4 news
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>> it's called help fremont police officer todd young and on the page as we take a look in his mother a lot like the common thinking everyone for the support what she calls a terrible situation and is wonderful to see that there are some great people world. blood donations trade and he donated just it wishes he could give other point. they have special permission of the special blood drive attending of high school. if you'd like to check out look at our website. >> jerry brown is taking on prison gangs. they announced new action which started in prison more than 40 years ago. >> i determined to put a stop to
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prison gangs. this was to punish, disposed to be a place where people get their lives back in order and it becomes the college of crime that it just belts. >> operation street sweep i rise this fall the attacks forced propped up. directed up with the rest of 34 gang members prepared they also have a plan to block a legal sell plans trade is still meets congressional approval you concede tan brick and and at university avenue lawlessness stanford shopping center hell of
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the police are looking for police in these areas. >> beautiful weather picture this afternoon live this sunny skies. they're looking at some of it near the close line. it is planned to continue to burn off as a hat and the last couple of hours. it is continuing to push into is one morning mild conditions are expected. this is especially tomorrow afternoon floor or applied to 10 degrees warmer 70's inland >> look at the task. when temperatures in the '70s. the plan disenchant the debitors are going to make it into the 80s. this the orgy see on your screen. in antioch at noon it
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will continue to creep up in the forecast to get up more. >> 80s and 90s, at 97 is set rows of 93 in vallejo 73 along the coastline and with that seabury's wind is would be on the warmer side. the kron4 news seven day around the bay on thursday, there will be more temperatures inland in the upper seventies along the coast are seabury's winds are dramatic. >> in world news their people arrested at amsterdam airport
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and they have not been charged with a crime at box cutters. dutch prosecutor says they are taking the case seriously. 33 days not these miners are officially the longest trapped miners. i huge drill it started to date they hope it helps to bring them out sooner than the three to four months estimated. >> and a live look out side at the golden gate bridge. it looks like the fog is missing a bit and traffic is moving at a medium grit into san francisco.
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them pro be while
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i'm going to go it anyway. they're there all day estimate >> a few surfers were action apprehensive about or into the water. this of our own eyes on monday. this is the first person
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called police after the setting. >> the of plug in the water. 40 ft. wide eyes going to take a break for awhile. in is to think twice about getting back in the water. >> cc things like this on national geographic or nature shows it really does not do justice and we see something like this in person. >> that it was so foggy and in an hour you can even see the water especially the chart. >> now here stanley roberts who on some people behaving badly.. >> there was the reason shark sighting. you cannot tell by looking into the water. >> people are crazy i think it is absolutely insane i do not
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think anyone should do it. >> they don't like >> me> it put up these signs hoping to keep people out of the water. and for some people there are clearly working. but for others >> more to be too late. not attacking someone else. wow really? i'll show you in the water and why they thought there was no danger it next time. >> we have a programming change to tell you about. kron4 news will air a lion and the newest and dr. phil can be seen at 3:00 p.m. and this month down moves to saturday at 7:00 p.m..
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sixth. >> it tonight i am announcing that the american combat >> present track the obama has just addressed the ending and he is live with more. >> the president's speeches about 20 minutes long and he called the combat mission and historic moment. some of the time of great uncertainty for it many in the united states and they not give the iraqi people full responsibility. >> the united states has page of pool price. we send our young men and children in a time of tight budgets and we persevere because of a belief that we share of the iraqi people. we agree that new beginnings can be
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born to this remarkable chapter of history of the ad states and iraq we have had a net are responsible is true now it is time for changing the page. with that said i give support to the war and the patriots and from all of us we are united to in the appreciation for our men and women in the hopes for it a rocky future. in the surrender ceremony we celebrate victory for the whole nation. every good american stretches from lexington to gettysburg. from hiroshima. americans who have fought to our troops are same
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state. our nation may be troubling the biggest confidence. our course is true. beyond the pre-dawn darkness. >> the blue star moms and military support groups are calling on their fellow americans to brace and put this way >> i'm coming home their souls which we have to do. our time back home. . there's one to be a lot of issues adair greenback of lot of emotional things. a result we are prepared for issues as the come on. >> there has two sons in the air
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force richer and ryan. she says their fellow veterans think there it biggest challenge will be finding a job. she wants people to pay tribute by hiring them. >> besides from the uncommon now afghanistan. iraqi freedom of choice was the last few months and the american invasion of 87 and a half years of war. >> orders forces have begun striking. on march 20, 2003 >> within 3 weeks american ground troops are in the capital. and president bush declares mission accomplished group 2004 brings violence. the
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american death toll reaches 1000. in 2005 the bay area has three elections and 2006 the violence is at its peak. killing 100 iraqis a day. saddam hussain was tried and executed. brought up, leased truth for 2010.
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clauses have therefore >> they made an emergency landing for the sfo. we have a live picture for the aircraft below. it took off at 1110 last night and an hour-and-a-half later had to turn around because of engine failure occurred. add 630 this evening we have a full report of what happened when it was like for the passengers were on board. >> if you count on ac transit to get around in my get to a couple once their contract because the union has the chance of board looking at some painful service cuts. >> options for ac transit lies perfumer i december. there try define $15 million in savings and the meeting cuts the weekend service in half day and blame
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the lack of leadership. >> e-mail it's kicking and screaming because they didn't get out of the way and other taking out on the public. they're taking away the core of the services and its of vandalism. >> they laid the details on the table and face a court challenge instead of making a sacrifice. >> if she does her part then i guess we could sit and talk. the problem will be solved and actions all back in april we started to sell it. >> they choose to make some or all of the cuts but it will take effect in december. >> it is warm up there today but hot to for the next couple of days especially on thursday, more on the heat wave coming up.
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girl throwing live puppies into a river. >> the disturbing video shows where right here she is picking up several copies of a plastic bucket and then she throws them into a raging river. not in the clip you could actually hear the puppies when berlin and the girl smiled a little as she checks puppies into the water. it was originally featured on youtube but has been pulled. many on the web are speculating she is from bosnia. it was last week to read all about this
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controversy will video does on kron4 news. temperatures are warm out there this afternoon but tomorrow it is one to be much, much more. we'll have more inflation cut up a bit.
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wqvstock market drops up and en though the dow was up by five points the dow is down more than 4 percent in a month. this should make it the worst august the dow has ever seen. the nasdaq and the s and p >> they're still battling to passed the state budget. it is 52 days late neither version had enough votes to pass. the drama
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plays out in sacramento and gov. schwarzenegger was in san francisco today where he talked to a system is a form that he wants to see part of the deal. maureen kelly was there. >> i would not sign a budget because if we do not do something for them on behalf of a rainy day fund we order suffered $12 billion in cuts. its $12.5 billion together. the money is not available. >> he told business leaders that he also wants the budget to include our reform for the >> first time ever we're going to be spending more money on pensions. and on retirement benefits and higher education. we're living in the past rather than in the future. we all want to give money to the classroom. let us create the revenues this
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treatment. other people have pensions and is not fair. >> he got republican and democratic leadership now that he case and every day he wants operate. >> several oakland and day care centers affected by budget sit were closed today. parents are protesting. >> pam this was closed today. temporarily closed session say. we'll it will remain temporarily closed to a look at this video.
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and they're very frustrated over business closure and it wanted to remain open. oh u.s. beat says they could only keep five of the seven centers open. there were able to find $2.4 million to keep them open because these you must shut down. they also say that to they can't find these government schools that have in place the city's children are being relocated to other schools in the area and those schools do have the services that they need but parents say the schedule conflicts with their working schedule the minute these parents can't drop the kids off their late for work. that is what many of the parents want the schools to remain open. they say they will look at this and it could take several more months. live in oakland and reggie camorra's for kron4 news >> in san jose firefighter union leader blames city hall with the
6:18 pm
folding information from the public. at a news conference today the union says that to the fire chief warrant the city manager's office about the potential negative aspect of the response time. >> we feel compelled to inform the public of the tree and tax of transparency, openness and honesty. there needs to be an independent evaluation to determine who has this information and why it was withheld from the public. >> union says that city it crashed ahead with the firefighters slashes even though when city officials on the record sank the public should never affect service cuts that would lead to a potential loss of life. the firefighter claims are exaggerating. they
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knew it would be a big impact in homage firefighters would be affected. >> it is sunny skies here end to most of the bay area and we still have a couple slivers the fog came into the close on. here's a we can teach expect there to marker debacle current and by tomorrow morning it is clear and mild conditions. temperatures ranging from six and 63. it is quite one for that error. the butchers of five to 15 degrees warmer let we've been seeing today prearranging from 70's along the coastline to upper 90s. i look at future cast for to morning the green on your screen shows 70's and '60's. mr. shea, this one to be. a quick morning though the temperatures will dramatically should up by new and we'll stick to the '90s. also up in the orange. it is for
6:20 pm
to prevail the most of your temperatures and 80s. it is later in the afternoon with the temperatures in the '90s as well as parts of the south bay. 97 in santa rosa '90s again. in close to the bay. upper 80s along the bay shore an antiseptic little kid your kron4 news seven day around the bay where the trend continues of the authors said and there is a key adviser. the temperatures expected to inland and it could certainly award it the key adviser. but dramatically cool down the temperature. this would be below
6:21 pm
average for most of the bay area. >> hurricane earl is turning its way to the california coast and right now has reached an is on track to ruin the labor day weekend for a lot of people along the nation's east coast. this is what girl looks like in st. martin. it tore the roof off homes and knocked down power lines. this is what looked like from space. radar tracked it on the dominican republic. by thursday afternoon earl's expected it to be off the outer banks of north carolina. the officials say the evacuation might be necessary. and as far north as road island people have the urge to hunker down for some rough weather. meanwhile another possible hurricane is formal behind girl and is moving right
6:22 pm
towards the caribbean. this is not expected to get as strong as are all dead. and now we have a programming change to tell you about this friday nbc will be airing a giants game and will can and to the line dr. phil can be seen friday at 3 nwe spot them is to saturday at 7:00 p.m..
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first of san francisco's new bike lanes are finished. the north point street. the plan is to have 34 mi. of pipelines in san francisco. when the project is finished you will see almost ride in a complete circle around san francisco and you'll also be able to ride the entire thing at colgate part. construction began earlier this month after a superior court lifted at indictment on and new budget projects.
6:26 pm
>> the men have been trapped in the chilean mines have had solid food today. >> the miners are living in a tavern-shelter more than 50 ft. below the they're getting food only in liquid form. today they had energy shake, yogurt and a ham sandwich. tomorrow they will start to get their first hot meal. their core deep price and doctors say no behan's because officials wanted to avoid giving the intestinal gas. stay with us.
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a plane was forced to turn
6:29 pm
around by the sfo. >> the plain is still investigating. is no. 4 engine and the bill to patch up at the gaping hole in the engine, but there was a lot of damage career record of most of the year to show you. >> there's a huge hole in part in the shelves running the engine. quantum of flight 74 to off monday night at 11 05 p.m. carrying 12 passengers and crew of 18. if you're the pilot over
6:30 pm
when the plane landed in is a very smooth landing this year it had to say that the cruise response. >> you know was a normal. everybody was, and all got sorted out and everyone did their job and getting as home safely so everything was good. >> it was an uncomfortable vibration that everything was
6:31 pm
all right. the cap was fantastic. >> and the passengers were all booked on other flights. one of them is leaving at 1130 tonight. they're estimating that they might narrow the cause of what makes the flight function. i'm christine connally for kron4 news. >> and that we have crews all over the bay area covering news stories and pour into. >> we have some serious cuts for those on ac transit. the options for them and knocking be fewer in december. the painful cuts as the district tries to find $16 million in support challenges over the recession. they're cutting began service in half and preventing late-night service. more they can choose to
6:32 pm
make or some or all of the cuts it must take effect in december. >>%g in san francisco governor order of schwarzenegger came here to update city business leaders on the status of the budget impact which is now on its 62nd day. he says he will not sign a budget without hall's made to the system. it includes a rainy day at program. the governor also wants to make the pension system where he says they get big chunk of the budget. maureen kelly for kron4 news. >> it a 20 minute address from all office president barack obama told u.s. nation that they are officially ended their combat role and the rocky future is now on. they talked about our
6:33 pm
economy to sing is art most urgent fact. other adults for kron4 news >> in san jose. they're a member of the sacrifices of the veterans that served in >> iraq> there lot of physical c,gv)+pvzsé÷hzñath0e÷ewá÷oé7él0
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just we just had an earthquake. happens five minutes ago. pam? >> a programming change to talk about this friday. nbc will air a line. at 10:00 p.m. the special edition of the kron4 news. a doctor felt to be seen at 3 and to the w.w. east back down will be as 7:00 p.m..
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and they saw a great white shark. here is video. they say it could be as long as 25 ft.. the shark bite tacked acyl or sea lions create i read it pool of blood visible from the shore. most of the surfers and beachgoers continue to go into the water. >> it is not official looking. >> there were in conspicuous signs posted on the beach but that does not seem to face people. >> if it were a big banner it would not keep people out. >> i'm not concerned i'm gonna go in anyway. they ate yesterday they probably won't want me.
6:40 pm
>> joking aside there were few surfers who are at for hanson. >> you could tell the blood in the water. it is 40 ft. wide. i pointed tiddle break for a while. makes you think twice and i don't it set out from behind. >> the on national geographic the does not do it justice. >> it was so foggy at the noon hour much less a shark. >> our own stanley roberts is talk to people who is ignoring the science. that's right this
6:41 pm
edition of people being badly. >> i think your odds are pretty >> good> oh, i see, there is a chance he will not be in. we have an elaborate shark sighting signed and jump in the water. welcome to this beach where the shark sighting has brought people to the beach and into the water. some people were afraid of sharks will see this line and say clear of the water. and chances are if you seek the shark is probably too late. >> not if it is attacking somebody else. >> what if it is attacking someone else? >> well that it's too late. >> well many people ignored the signs and served anyways. >> they're crazy. the sharp just eat a seal. what you get >> in the >> many will have no
6:42 pm
problems being appetizer for shark. >> they do not like >> me> this guy watch people swim >> i want to seeking catch it. >> if you it sought a sign that read char setting would you jump in the water? >> oh no. i'm a coward. >> i'm stanley roberts for kron4 news. >> if your comments or a story idea for stanley e-mail less. gary brad niche is up next.
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again everybody the a's are in over their head this week, their plank they yankees in the bronx and i'm sorry but former athletics are about to make too much money so they're letting
6:46 pm
him go. the ball is kicked around and we have to say that to there's nothing done. they now deliver it here and end up with a triple, the three nothing yankees. we go to the bottom in the third and after they left the a's they bounce of too much spirit who note, they found a home in york and did that. put them. three home runs and seven hits seven runs and the yankees right now are 98-3. what i told you before was what happens when you go into york the a's played pretty well home but when you go into the bronx your flank against lee lee, leaf good team. speaking >> of good beginning tomorrow team supporters will have an opportunity to get their
6:47 pm
favorite progress in two of the major league baseball hall of fame is given to one broadcaster annually. voting goes to the end of december. like i was telling them, i think he is probably the greatest broadcaster it ever in the history of the bay area. he is cool. >> your it's funny what is tougher than what you're doing? on at home watching and twisting and turning. every story. so that is great. what is funny look that is his best sport is probably basketball. and then baseball. but he deserves to be in the hall of fame and he will get the opportunity to be there again. there's a chance for
6:48 pm
immortality. it is water cooler conversation and the game right here in the ninth inning. he gives up a broken back and once upon a time there are oakland a and look, there goes. all of the way around, misjudged the giants lost two-one. >> you really want to take the advantage of times. we have not taken much of advantage. jabotinsky pulpit. >> they get a chance to get healthy and in the few minutes in san francisco. the rookie pitcher is undergoing tommy john surgery that is on the elbow and
6:49 pm
he will undergo that on friday. there was someone who joined the chicago white sox. not in the starting lineup but getting in good form here he held a quick 15 minute press conference by conducting the entire thing in spanish with a translator. told him oftentimes you do not have to be nice. hard times as your wife said aaron, come on, i am haunted. and i put up with that because of a guy is good and the world as funny. they can't sing and play guitar. chris shelley as it finally has had on the
6:50 pm
26th season only cory hall is older than the stanley cup. all the nfl players and he has a home in malibu he will retire to. we have mr. art 49 he studied and he's busily going to tell you everything you need to know. he is one of the ones that count. we're 1-1 and back with the key rating. the board is next.
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is always a thrill to be with the sharks or pretty good lawyers and the burnt walked out in the streets with more people recognize them their leading os anything held on the first couple of inhibition games just look out. he's so powerful in so reckless and they're wondering can he do this for a full game schedule? >> it inspires of that was designed deal. and as a good play. this is what they say about frank. thach >> as his really rusty and i
6:55 pm
think i walked out of their with a different feel that he came in here. i told my team and you know the happened you know? >> with the dissent alex met the love of the blocks. it is the year. it's close to saying what at this difference. what is different about it? he has that swagger and confidence of the them and no deals knows where to put it. his second option right here and using it again and there's a tidbit and last week after practice he got at the court and josh more than there's a surprise receiver and the met
6:56 pm
after practice and then they all joined hands, like what they do in basketball and the like that. it is have the it done. like reggie clark? >> thank you. >> what is the deal with rakowski? >> will be all right. he is fine. >> calls about the body us today. >> is why the all of the staffs doubled up on him. the forty- niners. 14 of 22. it is a big game. zack miller says it do you know what? >> any chance that they make the playoffs >> would you go to lay off it
6:57 pm
would have their game? his people loved him. see what 11.
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